ffpc-rods fly fishing blog

Who you're dealing with

Oregon native. Started here in 1947. Tried fly fishing the first time in 1952 and have been an addict ever since.

Graduated Corbett High School 1965. Served US Army 3/66-3/70. 3 years ASA and 1 in 1st Armored. Went to work at PIA as a Firefighter in 1971, became and EMT4 in 1980. Head injury forced disability retirement from Fire Department in '83. Studied radio at MHCC and found job at Redmond, OR station in '86. Further problems from injury forced total retirement in '92. Moved to Medford area in '05.

 Met Jerry Kollodge, developer of Compound Rods, about 2000 and became involved in perfecting the fly rods. Became licensed to build in  and specialize in fly rods. Jerry passed away in '08 and left me to further develop the Compound Rods.

Have fly fished at every opportunity and location where I could since I was 4. I jokingly refer to the time in central Oregon, from '92 to '05, as 12 years of only getting to fish 5 days a week 50 weeks a year. (Had to take off some of the days when my wife was off work.)

 Wrote a book, That Won't Work!, showing that fly fishing is really pretty easy, relaxing and a great way to spend some time. It's a 3 part book with part one aimed at addressing lots of questions by those thinking about getting in to fly fishing. Part 2 is a lot of the "standards" of fly fishing. Part 3 looks at a lot of things I do where witnesses stand there and say "That Won't Work!" while it's working just fine.That's available thru my website, www.ffpc-rods.com, as a pdf file. You can grab it now and leave $10, or grab it now and pay later, if you think it's worth $10. (Figured I'd make it available without a big price so more could see what it offered.

Produced a cd called "The Fishing COW" about the Central Oregon Waters aimed at helping people fish some of the best fishing lakes around and know where to start for the best results. That's available thru the website too.

I developed this website primarily for the Blog opportunity for fellow fly fishers to share info on where to fish, what flies work the best and maybe tell a story or 2. Hope you enjoy it.